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Despite the relatively short run of “It’s a Bird It’s a Plane It’s Superman” on Broadway, the wonderful music by the original cast has continued to be available for over 40 years.
The CD version from Sony that you can buy today has many improvements over the original vinyl album. Four bonus tracks have been added (although not the “Superman March” that was dropped after the Philadelphia previews). And a 40-page booklet, written in several languages, is dedicated to both Superman lore in general and to the Broadway play itself.
But the larger size of a vinyl album allowed for one of the cleverest Broadway cast albums in history. A special edition of The Daily Planet itself graced the back of that original jacket, and it served as ACT THREE for the Broadway play.
With the vinyl version of “It’s a Bird It’s a Plane It’s Superman” long out of print, would like to present:
*** ACT THREE ***
The March 1966 Edition Of
The Daily Planet.

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Headline: Superman Saves City Max Mencken's Column
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Prize Awarded to Dr. Sedgwick Theatrical Review

                                             Shipping News by Clark Kent

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