Bob Holiday, Broadway's First Superman
Bob Holiday's Publicity Portfolio
Game Show What's My Line?

Classic Game Show
What's My Line?

Hear the audience delight as they discover just what THIS guest does for Superman

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Archived Articles

Bob Holiday as Superman in Aqua Velva Ad

Bob Holiday as Superman in Aqua Velva Ad

Bob Holiday was called to play Superman one more time in the 1970s. What was the occasion?

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Bob Holiday with Yvonne Craig (Batgirl)

Bob Holiday at the 25th Annual Superman Celebration

In 2003, Bob Holiday was finally recognized as the first Superman of the Broadway stage.

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Bob Holiday on I've Got a Secret

Bob Holiday as Superman on
"I've Got A Secret"

Few people know that Bob Holiday not only played Superman on Broadway, he also played Superman on television! ...

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Bob Holiday On Stage Video

The Daily Planet's Archives

A treasure from 1966 has recently been restored...

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Bob Holiday as Superman Bob Holiday as Clark Kent