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Bob Holiday Saddened by Friend's Death

Brian McKernan, friend of Bob Holiday and a regular contributor to this web site, shared a wonderful tribute to the original FEMALE live-action Super Hero!

The passing of Yvonne Craig (May 16, 1937 - August 17, 2015) had particular significance for Bob Holiday. Not only did Yvonne and Bob both portray DC Comics superheroes (she was Batgirl during the 1967-68 final season of the live-action Batman TV series, and he played Superman on Broadway the previous year), both were also pioneers in their respective roles. Yvonne was the first woman in history to portray a live-action superhero and Bob was the first on-stage singing Superman.

Born five years apart (Bob in 1932 and Yvonne in 1937), both were from the generation of actors that rejuvenated American theatre and film in the postwar years, and also appeared in commercials and series in the new medium of television. Their acting colleagues included such greats as Elvis Presley, Goldie Hawn, and Joan Collins.

Given Bob and Yvonne’s similarities, it was not surprising to have witnessed how comfortable they were with one another when they first met as featured guests at the 25th Annual Superman Celebration, in Metropolis, Illinois, in June 2003. I was there as co-producer of the documentary Holiday in Metropolis, and I also witnessed their mutual admiration for their fellow guest star Noel Neill, the first live-action Lois Lane.

View the full panel discussion HERE.

Bob Holiday, webmaster Toni Collins, and I all mourn Yvonne’s passing. Having met this gracious lady, I know first-hand that she was a charming, intelligent, and talented performer. She had a natural rapport with the Superman Celebration attendees and patiently posed for pictures with each and every one of them that asked.

Perhaps most important of all, she inspired a generation of young women as a female caped crusader every bit as tough as her counterparts Batman (Adam West) and Robin (Burt Ward). Others have followed in her footsteps, but Yvonne Craig was an American original.

-Brian McKernan

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