Bob Holiday, Broadway's First Superman
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A treasure from 1966 has recently been restored.
Fans have long lamented that Broadway's "It’s A Bird It’s a Plane It’s Superman" was never filmed.
Bob Holiday’s portrayal of the Man of Steel was thought to have been lost forever.
But the Broadway play itself contained a film, and that footage is now available here at

This video was shown during the play "It's a Bird It's a Plane It's Superman" when the evil Dr. Abner Sedgwick is seeking a way to destroy Superman. Dr. Sedgwick approaches Lois Lane, feigning interest in Superman’s background. Miss Lane proudly shows Dr. Sedgwick the Daily Planet’s research film documenting Superman's life. While viewing the film, Dr. Sedgwick realizes that Superman needs the citizens of Metropolis as much as they need him and develops his plan to destroy Superman through psychological warfare.
It was an interesting and unique way to include the origin story in the midst of the play. Many viewers note that Superman spends a great deal of time thanking the crowd. In actuality, this was filler, carefully timed to allow dialogue between Lois and Dr. Sedgwick.
Bob Holiday as Superman Bob Holiday as Clark Kent