Bob Holiday, Broadway's First Superman
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Superman Bob Holiday on Television!

Few people know that Bob Holiday not only played Superman on Broadway, he also played Superman on television, one single time. The popular television show "I've Got a Secret" featured Bob, in character as Superman, with a secret that was shared by the audience. What was Superman Bob Holiday's secret? We'll let you guess along with the star-studded panel.

When this website was first built, only a portion of this video was available due to technical limitations. Later, when Bob watched the full video, he got such a kick out of it. "Look at her," he chortled! "She's flirting with me! You've got to get this onto the website!"

And so we did. Enjoy!

Watch this again, and take note of how Bob gets into "The Superman Position." While Steve Allen is hilarious, hanging there "like a provalone," Bob never breaks character—or his position. This is the best record we've got to show just how strong Bob Holiday was. Bob worked out religiously so that he had the strength and agility necessary to make Superman come alive for Broadway audiences.
Bob Holiday as Superman Bob Holiday as Clark Kent