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Irv Salem was a well-respected lawyer, the husband of Broadway's Lois Lane aka Patricia Marand, and an accomplished artist. He was absolutely smitten with his beautiful wife and paid tribute to her in several venues. Sadly, Irv passed away in 2016 (just a few months before Bob Holiday), and with his death, the website he'd built disappeared. Fortunately, the Wayback Machine, an incredible sampling of the Internet, maintained some copies of Irv's website. is proud to bring you what copies we could find on the Wayback Machine of Irv Salem's loving tribute to his beautiful wife, Patricia Marand.

Note from the webmaster: In 2013, I was pleased to correspond with Irv Salem. I was able to tell him just how impactful Ms. Marand had been as Lois Lane. Irv was gracious enough to give me permission to include whatever material I wished to pay tribute to Patricia Marand. I appreciate that permission, and hope that Irv would be happy that I am able to preserve some of his website. Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 5 Page 4

A true Renaissance man, Irv Salem was an accomplished sculptor. He was perhaps most proud of the three sculptures he made of his beautiful wife, Patricia Marand. One of these three sculptures captured his interpretation of Patricia Marand as Lois Lane, clinging with all her might to the shoulders of Superman. Setting various views of these three sculptures to music, Mr. Salem created a video of his work honoring his wife. You can see the video HERE; the Lois Lane tribute begins at 8:30.

Photos courtesy the Estate of Bob Holiday, Irving Salem,
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