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Bob Holiday was seen around the town in costume on more than one occasion. Enjoy this elegant publicity event from April, 1966!

The Upholstery Came as Clothes
Nan Ickeringill
Dateline April 14, 1966
New York Times

   Men had an opportunity yesterday to model towels, curtains, and slip covers—designed by leading fashion houses not to look like towels, curtains and slip covers—at a previously all woman show. The occasion was the sixth International Fabrics Fashion Show luncheon, held at the Americana Hotel for the gustatory and visual benefit of more than 1,200 paying ($15*) guests and the monetary benefit of the National Society of Interior Designers Educational Foundation.

   "It looks as though the poor suddenly get rich and decided to dress up," Robin Roberts of Clarence House remarked as he watched the models—professionals, designers and men and women about town—drift by.

   When Mrs. Clyde Newhouse (television's Maggi McNellis) appeared in an evening dress making lavish use of Scalamandre silk brocade at $130 a yard, someone said:

   "She looks like she's wearing a bergere" (an upholstered French chair, wide in front).

   The show started with Bob Holiday in his Superman outfit bursting onto the runway pursued by Mrs. Leonard (Baby Jane) Holzer, who was brandishing a white silk whip. She was wearing a bridal gown by Hannah Trol (J. H. Thorp fabric) and a visor with tulle train by Halston of Bergdorf Goodman. Superman made his escape (on foot) in the direction of the Alvin Theater and a matinee performance.

Bob Holiday as Superman at the sixth International Fabrics Fashion Show

* This $15 ticket price seems modest by today's standards, but in 1966, Broadway show tickets topped out at $12!
Photos courtesy the Estate of Bob Holiday
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