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"It's A Bird It's A Plane It's Superman©" is just about to open!

Bob Holiday in Front of His Dressing Room Door

"It's A Bird It's A Plane It's Superman©" officially opened on Broadway on March 29, 1966. In truth, there had been weeks of try-out shows in the Alvin Theatre. Finally, on the 28th, the Invitational Premiere of the show took place.

Immediately after the Invitational Premier, this photo was snapped. The text attached to the photo reads:

3/29/66 NEW YORK; Actor Bob Holiday, star of the Broadway-bound musical, "It's Superman" [sic], points to title name on door of his dressing room folloing invitational premiere of the show here 3/28. Holiday wears costume worn in the production, which opens officially 3/29. UPI TELEPHOTO =hgr=

You can see how blue Bob's eyes are, just like Superman's. And while we know that Bob wore a spitcurl hair extension, obvious in many photos, it seems to have worked its way loose during this Invitational Premier. And that's a pretty small door for a dressing room; do you think the producers wanted to mimic a phone booth? Finally, check out Bob's make-up. As he said about other still-in-make-up photos:

With our stage make up on, I looked like [a] burlesque performer.

Such is the beauty of live-theatre magic. We didn't see the make up, and we believed a man could fly!

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