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When Our Favorite Superman Brushed Up Against History

Dallas Newspaper Article

In Bob Holiday’s autobiography Superman on Broadway (co-authored with Chuck Harter), Bob shares that he remembered some fabulous road trips early in his career.

Included is a copy of this newspaper article (left) along with the following commentary:

    I was booked into the Colony Club in Dallas, Texas…. The club’s owner was Jack Ruby. He was a toughguy, but always nice to me. He called me the ‘Big Kid,’ as in “Where’s the Big Kid?”
    Years later, I was stunned when I saw him shoot Lee Harvey Oswald on TV.

        ***        ***        ***         ***

There is no doubt that Bob played the Colony Club in Dallas. (You’ll have to read his book to learn some of the details that make that half of the story so certain. Plus there's the article to the left.)

There is also no doubt that Bob Holiday worked for Jack Ruby. His memories of Jack were quite clear and detailed.

But we have a small discrepancy here. Jack Ruby owned the Carousel Club in Dallas, not the Colony Club. In fact, he was in major competition with Abe Weinstein, the owner of the Colony Club. The two clubs were right next door to each other. It makes sense that they would compete for the best talent, and this article proves that Bob was well received in Dallas.

The logical conclusion is that Bob played both the Colony Club and the Carousel Club at different times.

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