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Once you've been Superman, what's next?

We've all heard of the Superman Curse. But Bob Holiday didn't believe in it! In an interview with Mark Edlitz, he said:

I think the idea of a “Superman Curse” is silly. Look at me, I’m still here. I love life. I’m 79 years old—and my hair is still brown! I have had nothing but good come from me playing Superman. Life is good, and I’m having a ball.

Link to the Los Angeles Times, Mark Edlitz article.

So what did Bob do after "It's a Bird It's a Plane It's Superman ©" closed?
He kept acting!

First, in 1967, he recreated his role as Superman in two Missouri open-air theaters, flying into stadiums with the help of a construction crane. (This was a bit of a foreshadowing of where his life was heading!)

Next was Florida, where he played Sir Lancelot in Camelot. The Miami Beach Sun quoted Bob as saying:

Why, Supe believes in goodness just like Lancelot. Once you play a cape, you always play a cape!

Then he headed to Hollywood! He was cast as Mike Brady in The Brady Bunch, but before filming began, the role was given to a diffferent Bob: Robert Reed.

But Bob Holiday never gave up. In 1970, he toured in Mame, starring Ann Miller, and he enjoyed being in front of live audiences again. He then toured the country as J.D. Sheldrake (not quite a good guy) in Promises, Promises, sharing the stage with a number of big names like Anthony Roberts.

And then, in the early 1970s, Bob traveled to Hawley, Pennsylvania. He fell in love with the area, the atmosphere and the people. He got involved in real estate and discovered a new world. He enjoyed being in control of his own life and started his own business, Bob Holiday Homes. As he said in his autobiography Superman on Broadway (co-authored with Chuck Harter):

I found that I had a real knack for house design...

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And so, Bob Holiday settled down in Hawley, PA, took control of his destiny, bought his own forest, took care of his mother, raised a family, built beautiful homes, and spent the rest of his days.

Bob proved that he really was a Superman. We all hope for some success in life. Bob Holiday built not one, but two successful careers, doing what he loved best every day of his life. His is a legacy to emulate.

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