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Bob Holiday and the Bevy of Beauties

Another great find on eBay! This one is a backstage photo of Bob Holiday, in costume as Superman, posing with a group of beautiful women. But we don't know who they are! Were you one of them?
Bob Holiday Posing With a Bevy of Beauties

A mystery photo. Do you hold the key to unlock it?

It's another chance for us to apply our super detective skills! Bob Holiday is in costume in his dressing room. Was it before his performance that day in "It's a Bird It's a Plane It's Superman" or was it after? Probably before, for a couple of reasons. One: Bob looks fresh as a daisy; he couldn't have just performed for two hours. Second, after matinee performances, Bob met with the children in the audience backstage, which looks very different from this dressing room. (See backstage photos HERE.) The best part of this photo is the look on Superman's face: "This is amazing, but is Lois going to strangle me?"

All his life, Bob talked about how important the Superman Kids were to him. He loved being Superman because of the children who looked up to him and believed in him. And the tiny details in this photo prove it! Take a look at the wall behind Bob. Those aren't "pin up girls" hanging in bachelor Bob Holiday's dressing room! No, those are the drawings and notes that children made for him during the run of the show.

But back to the bevy of beauties. Who were they? Were they are part of a Woman's Club or Service Group? What brought them all to meet Bob Holiday? If you know anything about the women in this photo, please eMail us at the Contact address in the footnotes below. We'd love to tell your story!

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