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During the decade that Bob Holiday collaborated on this web site, there were some moments of deep sadness. In late November, 2008, it was apparent that Bob was hesitant to talk on one of our weekly phone calls. Intuition hit and I asked, "Is it Patricia?"

"Yes," he said sadly. "She's gone. Irv [Patricia's husband] called to tell me."
It was a somber moment. And it was only right to post a tribute to
Superman Bob Holiday's leading lady, Lois Lane Patricia Marand.

Patricia Marand as Lois Lane

Over the holidays [in 2008], all of us here at were deeply saddened by the loss of Patricia Marand, Broadway's one and only Lois Lane. Bob Holiday quickly paid tribute:

My beautiful Lois ... I will always be with you.
My Love and my Heart ... Love you baby.
See you soon...

[And so he did. Both Bob and Patricia left us too soon by far.]

Patricia's husband, Irv Salem, contacted Bob almost immediately upon Patricia's passing. The three of them had attended a 2007 revival of It's a Bird It's a Plane It's Superman together.

Reviewer Brian McKernan, attending the revival, wrote:
On March 12, almost 41 years to the day that It's a Bird It's a Plane It's Superman premiered on Broadway, the original Lois and Clark ... reunited to attend a modest revival production ... in Greenwich Village. After being greeted by fans and well-wishers, Patricia Marand and Bob Holiday and the rest of the audience turned their attention to the stage.

Read the entire review.

Bob Holiday, Patricia Marand and Rob Ventre

The New York Times reported Patricia's many accomplishments:
Patricia Marand Early in Her Career

Tony Award nominated Broadway star, Patricia Marand, who grad the stage opposite such theatre greats as Yul Brynner, Alfred Drake, Jack Cassidy and Dan Dailey, passed away on November 27th, due to brain cancer.

Marand was nominated for the Tony Award in 1966 for her role as Lois Lane in the Hal Prince-directed Broadway production of "It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's Superman", ... which The New York Times once called "the best musical of the season."

A statuesque, red haired beauty* with an unforgettable rich and melodic soprano voice, Marand's performances epitomized Broadway theatre with memorable grace and style. Marand began her career in the hey-days of Broadway playing leading roles in Wish You Were Here, Kiss Me Kate, Pajama Game, Guys and Dolls, Oklahoma!, Man of La Mancha, Kismet and South Pacific, to name a few.

While the Broadway stage was her true home, Marand's voice enchanted thousands in acclaimed concert solos with the Chicago, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, New Haven and Minneapolis symphony orchestras, as well as during engagements at the Cotillion Room at New York's Hotel Pierre and La Maisonette at the St. Regis.

She frequently appeared on television on the Merv Griffin, Johnny Carson and Ed Sullivan shows. She also appeared in March 2000, on the small screen as Helen Barone in The Sopranos.

Patricia Marand and husband Irv Salem

A native New Yorker, Marand always lit up the room at operas, theaters, charitable benefits and political events around the world.

Daughter of the late Patrick and Justine Marandino, she leaves behind her loving husband and love of her life, Irving Salem, brother Robert, sister-in-law Joan, nephew Rob, and nieces Missy, Kimberly and Cristin.

* Ms. Marand wasn't always a redhead. Enjoy these snippets of eMail between Patricia's widower, the late Irv Salem, and me.

TC in 2013, writing to Irv Salem: I saw Ms. Marand as Lois Lane when I was only 11 years old. She set the standard for which all other Lois Lanes must strive. I can honestly say, all these years later, that no one has played Lois Lane so perfectly as she did.

Irv Salem in 2013, writing back: Toni, Thanks for your kind thoughts about Patricia. A truly amazing person. I knew her as a redhead. I found some amazing pictures of her as a stunning brunette.

TC today, in 2019: Of course, Lois Lane in 1966 was a brunette, so that's how I knew Patricia Marand. Amy Adams and her redheaded Lois were decades away!

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