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"Meeting" Bob Holiday
For the Second Time

I never forgot Bob Holiday.

Every once in a while, I'd check for him on IMDB.

Every time I did housework, I'd spin the vinyl version of
"It's a Bird It's a Plane It's Superman".

Every once in a while, I'd notice one of my children
humming a Superman song.

Cover, Superman on Broadway

For four decades, the background of my life was the music of Bob Holiday as Superman.

Then one day, I found, a website created by Steve McCracken featuring my favorite Superman.

There was a book! I wrote a fan letter, told Bob Holiday I'd been singing along with him for almost forty years, and asked if I could buy a copy of his book. He asked for my address and sent one for free.

Bob included the perfect inscription for a "Superman Kid," acknowledging that all of us who saw the show were a part of its legacy.

For the rest of Bob's life, I'd rib him just a little. I'd been eleven years old when I saw him as Superman. I told him that I was just old enough to understand Max Mencken's single off-color comment. And I was just old enough to recognize that Bob was flirting with my beautiful mother. What could he say?

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Bob Holiday's Signature

My mother took pictures of EVERYTHING, usually in triplicate. But, sadly, she didn't bring her camera to Broadway shows. So I have but one memento of meeting Bob backstage: My mother bought a souvenir program, and she kept it. When I told her I'd been in touch with Bob Holiday, she found the program and gave it to me.

I scanned Bob's signature and sent him an eMail titled, simply, "PROOF"! And it turned out to be more than just proof that I'd seen Bob as Superman. It turned out to be proof of what a nice guy Bob Holiday was. He was overwhelmed that our family had held on to that program for forty years.

Bob Holiday was grateful every day of his life that people remembered him as Superman. He was especially grateful for the "Superman Kids" (as he called us) who met him backstage. As Bob entered his twilight years, the knowledge that the "Superman Kids" still remembered him warmed his heart. The "Superman Kids" proved to Bob that "Doing Good" wasn't just a song title.

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