Bob Holiday, Broadway's First Superman
Bob Holiday's Publicity Portfolio

During Bob Holiday's 2003 appearance at the 25th Annual Superman Celebration in Metropolis, Illinois, a team of three great men accompnied Bob. These men, Brian McKernan, Steve McCracken, and Chuck Harter, supported Bob and documented his visit. Together, the three of them produced and directed Holiday in Metropolis, a cleverly named video documenting Mr. Holiday in, well, Metropolis. hopes to bring you this video in the near future.

While filming the documentary, Steve McCracken managed to take an incredible number of still photos, which we now bring to you. Here are links to each of the seven groupings of photos. Follow along in order. You'll feel like you were there with Bob and his long-awaited return to his dedicated fans.

A3 Booth Friends Bank Concert Noel Neill Streets
Bob Holiday as Superman Bob Holiday as Clark Kent