Bob Holiday, Broadway's First Superman
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Bob's 2003 Visit to Metropolis Bob Holiday performs in Metropolis

Bob Holiday, who portrayed Superman in the 1966 Broadway musical, flew to Metropolis, IL, to join in the festivities at the 25th Annual Superman Celebration. He arrived on Thursday, to begin a busy day of rehearsals. Everyone in the fine city of Metropolis was gracious and helpful.

Everyone was excited to meet Bob, and he was excited to be there. On Friday, he mingled with the crowd, and sat for autographs near the famous Superman statue. The performance went off at 6:00, and Bob was introduced by a 23-minute video created by Chuck Harter and Steve McCracken. He sang "All of Me," "If Ever I Would Leave You," and "You Make Me Feel So Young."

Bob Holiday greets Superboy

He also spoke about the memories of the show, and shared touching personal thoughts with the audience. Everyone in attendance had a good time, and Bob was glad to be in Metropolis.

Saturday began with an autograph session in the bank. Many people came by to speak with Bob, and get an autograph. Bob had his new book, still photos, and a CD available for the Super attendees.

There was a question and answer session attended by Bob, Noel Neill, Larry Thomas Ward (Author of the excellent book Truth Justice and the American Way, The Life and Times of Noel Neill), Yvonne Craig (Batgirl of the 60's Batman TV show with Adam West), and Steve Rude "The Dude" (comic artist, and awesome guy). The audience enjoyed the session, and Bob's witty remarks were a hit.

Celebrity Guest Panel

The main signing was scheduled in the Metro Chamber of Metropolis. Bob joined his co-celebrities Yvonne Craig (Batgirl), and Noel Neill (Lois Lane) for the event. People streamed through continuously, and even at 5:30 there were some still seeking autographs. Bob had a great time, and everyone enjoyed the great atmosphere of love and happiness, thanks to the power of Superman.

Signing Autographs

Saturday night's Dinner and banquet were a great time, and the 6'4" Standee got auctioned off to Steve Younis from Australia. Steve and Bob had become friends over the internet, thanks to Steve's site, and Steve's decision to visit the Celebration this year was great news to Bob. Bob was looking forward to meeting his new friends Jim Hambrick (The Super Museum), Jeff Germann (, and many others that will be available in the links area. These individuals have spent time carrying on the tradition of Superman, and everyone was excited to have Bob there.

He returned home safely on Sunday, carrying great memories, and having given memories to others that will last a lifetime.

Bob Holiday as Superman Bob Holiday as Clark Kent