Bob Holiday, Broadway's First Superman
Bob Holiday's Publicity Portfolio

In June, 2003, for the first time in almost four decades, Bob Holiday was honored for having worn Superman's cape. It was an honor long overdue.

As Bob wrote in his Autobiography Superman on Broadway (co-authored by Chuck Harter):

In the fall of 2002, I was surfing the Internet, and for kicks entered Superman Bob Holiday, and hit search. I was delighted to see myself menioned on several Superman web sites.

Bob connected with a number of Superman fans, including Jeff Germann and Chuck Harter.

I found ... there really was a Metropolis! ... [Chuck] suggested it might be fun to make my first appearance at the 25th Annual Superman Celebration in June '03.

So 2003 became a pivotal year in Bob Holiday's life. He discovered that his time as Superman hadn't been forgotten. Old fans found out where Bob had been all these years. And Bob's visit to the 2003 Metropolis Superman Celebration created new fans of Broadway's Superman. As Bob prepared to attend that historic event, he said:

I was very proud to "take care" of Superman in the 1960's and as I look forward to meeting the fans in Metropolis this year, I am reminded of what I used to say on stage:

UP, UP and AWAY!

Over the next few weeks, we'll build a memory book of the 2003 Metropolis Superman Celebration.

Bob Holiday as Superman Bob Holiday as Clark Kent