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Bob Holiday, Space Cadet

From Superman on Broadway by Bob Holiday and Chuck Harter, c.2003

There was a production show we did once in Canada. A production show was different from a nightclub. It's like a Radio City Music Hall Show with 20 dancing girls. I was the MC, and we were all in these "space outfits" and had a song-and-dance number. It was great fun.
In those days if you performed in Canada, the National Anthem had to be sung at all performances. On the first night, near the end of the show, I was told to sing "O Canada" in front of 10,000 people. I didn't have the slightest idea how it went and completely panicked. Thankfully there was a Canadian Opera singer backstage who took pity on me. He told me to go out, and pretend to sing, while he sung the National Anthem from behind the curtain. I went out, "sung it," and received a 5-minutes standing ovation.
Magic days, circa 1958.

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