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Favorite Musical Memory?
Doing Good

I'm the daughter of a native New Yorker, and my parents met at Yonkers Raceway. Whenever my dad was racing harness horses back East, my mother would make sure we visited friends, family and the arts of NYC. Happily, 1966 marked one of these regular trips to New York from California, and my mother saw the perfect opportunity to introduce my brother and me to a real Broadway show. That, of course, was It's a Bird It's a Plane It's Superman.

Forty years have passed, but I will forever love that show. There were so many clever, really magical moments. I can still remember the wonder I felt as the show opened. Superman was there in flesh and blood, and right in front of our eyes, he changed into Clark Kent.

This wasn't a celluloid movie, this was real live Superman. And theatre magic has its own special style. Clark Kent's clothes literally flew to Superman on their own, his shirt from one side, his tie from another. A telephone booth danced around the stage following him. And beat by beat, perfectly choreographed and executed, we watched Superman transform into Clark Kent.

All the while, Superman sang about how important it is to be "Doing Good." It was a lesson I took to heart and tried to live up to my whole life long.