Bob Holiday Stars in

Was Superman Bob Holiday's first role on Broadway? By no means! In the late 50's, Bob had a featured role in Fiorello!" And shortly before landing the coveted role of Superman, Bob was cast as Sir Lancelot in the touring company of Camelot.

Camelot's Broadway cast was a star-studded production featuring Richard Burton as King Arthur, Julie Andrews as Guenevere, Roddy McDowell as Mordred, and the handsome and dashing Robert Goulet as Sir Lancelot. Only one man could fill Robert Goulet's shoes, and that man was the equally handsome and dashing Bob Holiday.

Bob Holiday in Camelot

Pictured here are the cover and the cast list from Camelot. It's fun to note that there were at least two spelling errors in the cast list. Our favorite hero appears once as "Bob Holliday" and then correctly as "Bob Holiday." And Merlin appears once as "Richard Nielson" and then correctly as "Richard Neilson."

Camelot Program Cover