November 12, 2009 - Bob Holiday's 77th Birthday. On this wonderful occasion, is proud to present the only known color footage of
Bob Holiday as Superman.


Unseen for 43 years, this Aqua Velva commercial was one of the many personal appearances Superman (otherwise known as Bob Holiday) was asked to make. Other appearances included the Johnny Carson show, Macy's International Fashion Show, the "I've Got A Secret" game show, and a print ad for UniRoyal carpet. Bob kept up a super schedule during 1966, making all these appearance on top of the hectic schedule for "It's a Bird It's a Plane It's Superman", which included four matinees and five evening performances each week.

The producers of this ad not only showcased Bob Holiday's superb embodiment of Superman, they captured a multitude of tiny details important to Superman lore. See how many you can find.

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