Bob Holiday, Broadway's First Superman
Steve Allen with Bob Holiday as Superman

Bob Holiday had a great time doing publicity for "It's A Bird It's A Plane It's Superman". He especially enjoyed appearing on I've Got A Secret starring comedian Steve Allen. When Bob's website was first built circa 2004, technical limitations and slow connections limited how much of the episode could be posted on the Internet. Bob had the opportunity to see the entire episode on a DVD. He loved watching Bess Meyerson flirting with him and he asked me to get that onto the Internet. Fortunately, technology had progressed, YouTube and Vimeo made posting video a more viable endeavor, and we managed to present the full episode. Bob loved it!
We hope you enjoy it, too!.

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Bob Holiday's Publicity Portfolio
A small request

The First Superman
On Broadway

In 1966, a tall, dark and handsome man named Bob Holiday brought new dimension to the Superman mythos. In previous incarnations, when played by Kirk Alyn and George Reeves, Superman had proven to be strong and solid. Bob Holiday maintained this tradition and added a few new touches in his portrayal of of Superman in "It's a Bird It's a Plane It's Superman©".

First, and most obvious, Superman flew in real time. There was no chance for a second take, so Bob had to be physically powerful, flexing his muscles on cue and maintaining a Super-posture as he soared on and off the stage. Original Cast Album

Second, Bob Holiday was the first singing Superman. The original cast album by Sony Broadway, still available today, proves to a new generation that Superman could sing, sounding every bit as masculine as Superman must.

Finally, musical comedy required a Superman who could strike precisely the right balance, bringing humor to the role, yet maintaining the dignity of Superman. Bob Holiday was exactly the right man to hit that balance, creating a strong, serious Superman who still managed to bring hundreds of smiles to theatre goers.

After leaving show business, Bob Holiday became a successful home builder in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. His beautiful custom homes grace the Lake Wallenpaupack area, standing as tributes to the man who always lived up to the role he once had the privilege to play: Superman.

It was a privilege to work with Bob Holiday in the latter years of his life. I enjoyed helping him tell the story of his time as Superman.

Imagine portraying Superman more than 200 times, and then having to wait 40 years before people became interested again! But that never bothered Bob. He was always happy when anyone remembered him, and was perhaps even happier when folks discovered him anew. After appearing in Metropolis, IL for the 2003 Superman Celebration, word got out about this newly re-discovered Superman.

Three men were responsible for Bob coming back into the limelight: Chuck Harter, who spent many hours with Bob, poring through Bob's scrapbooks, crafting the biography Superman on Broadway, producing Bob's appearance at the Celebration, and conceiving the video documentary Holiday in Metropolis; Steve McCracken, who created Bob's book, built Bob's original website, and edited and directed Holiday in Metropolis; and Brian McKernan, who co-produced Holiday in Metropolis with Chuck and Steve, wrote for Bob's website, and became Bob's friend for the rest of his life.

Bob left this world for the next on January 27, 2017. Family and friends continue to mourn his loss. RIP, Bob Holiday. We will never forget you.

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